About Us


About the show

ART CRUSH INTERNATIONAL is a new podcast from textile artist Jozefien Buydens and journalist Svea Vikander. Based in Belgium and Norway respectively, Jozefien and Svea have spent the last three years combing the globe for the world’s most interesting and unusual artist spaces. And now they’re ready to take you with them.

ART CRUSH INTERNATIONAL takes its inspiration from ART CRUSH, a bi-weekly radio show which the two co-hosted on KALX Berkeley. Focusing on artists in the San Francisco Bay Area, ART CRUSH was broadcast by one of the top five college radio stations in the nation. Now, you can hear their too-intimate questioning anytime, anywhere.



About the hosts

Jozefien Buydens is an art historian and textile designer based in Ghent, Belgium. She is currently adjunct professor at KASK School of Arts Ghent, and spends her free time fantasizing about making her own platform shoes. Find her at www.jozefienbuydens.com or Instagram.

Svea Vikander is a Swedish-Canadian journalist and writer. A former therapist, she is now working on her second graduate degree—this time in journalism. Svea lives in a Sámi community in Arctic Norway and makes a mean reindeer blood pancake. Find her at www.sveavikander.com, on Twitter or Instagram.